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Based on their utility, chicken can be classified as Egg type, Meat type, Dual purpose, Game purpose, Fancy variety and Desi type

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Chicken is a food rich in protein and negligible amounts of fat. While most chicken varieties grow and lay eggs in the natural habitat, some of the varieties are prone to disease and require frequent health check-up. We at Poultry Star ensure that our chickens are grown in the ideal surroundings as suitable for them to deliver you the most pristine, hale and healthy chicken.


Your Vision, Our Future.

Millions of children in India are mal-nutritioned. Egg is a simple yet highly
nutritious food that can be consumed by children as young as 6 months old. 
Its easily digestible property makes it a perfect complement for any kind of food.

Our vision is to make India free from malnutrition

We are on this noble mission to provide people with the best quality chicken handpicked from across the country.