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Are you planning to start your own poultry farm?

Are you planning to start your own poultry farm

Congratulations on embarking upon the poultry farm business.  But before we go, let us apply the thought process to make sure that our efforts yield the desired results and profit. Poultry business, contrary to common perception is not just about rearing chicken.  It is about choosing the purpose.  Poultry industry is very wide with varieties of chickens and birds.  The purpose could be rearing chickens for meat, eggs or both.  One should bear in mind that as with any other business, poultry business is also highly competitive and therefore it requires some careful planning, cautious approach and sustained efforts to succeed.  On a positive note, the demand for poultry products is increasing day by day and despite competition, the scope of growth is also huge.  By just following basic prudence, one can easily attain sound ROI.  Let us see some of them.

Poultry farming can be done for either meat or eggs.  Broiler chickens are raised for meat. Layers are raised for eggs.  Incubating eggs and raising chicks is also another allied business.  One has to decide first whether they want to rear chickens for meat, eggs or any other allied business like incubating eggs.  To give a clear picture, here are the intricate business opportunities in the poultry industry.

  • Broilers for meat
  • Layers for egg production
  • Poultry feed production
  • Hatchery &
  • Processing of egg and meat

Having chosen whether to go with one or more of the above fields, the next task will be to decide upon the varieties of birds.  Be it layers or broilers, quite a handful of varieties of chickens are available in the market each having their own property, advantages and disadvantages.  The region, climatic conditions and the market potential for a particular breed also come into play while choosing the variety.  It would be wise to start with a few breeds of chicken and gradually add more variety.

Your farm name is your brand identity.  Customers usually identify themselves with a brand of chicken and creating and popularizing a brand name is inherent to success.  It makes marketing easier with materials such as notices, banners, cards and websites.  Brand name as an identity gives competitive advantage.

While choosing the location for poultry farm, governmental regulations and area classifications come into play.  For example one may not get necessary approvals if the poultry farm is setup in a residential area.  There may be opposition from the local residents too.  The cost of land in cities and towns may also be prohibitive.  A better idea will be setup the poultry at a distance from the main town so that it is neither too far, nor too close.

Setting up a poultry farm is not just about getting some chicks at a cheaper rate and rearing them.  A poultry farm requires several equipment such as drinkers, feeders, lighting system, incubators, heaters and brooders etc.  To conserve the available money for recurring expenditure and payment of salaries, obtaining a loan from any of the banks or reputed financial institutions will be a good idea.

The first marketing effort starts with informing your friends, neighbors and other contacts.  Treat every acquaintance as a potential customer and make good rapport with every one of them.  It is important to make them aware of your farming business and you may also receive unexpected support or advice from some of them.  Always have a business card that lists contact details such as phone, email and website address so that you are always accessible to prospective customers.

Poultry farming is not a labor intensive task but the services of an expert will be of immense help.  The day to day operations can be managed with the help of an administrative head with knowledge in accounting.  Having online presence is another vital aspect for better marketing and reaching out to target audience.  You should be aware of the local market and the demand and supply conditions there and augment resources to ensure hassle-free supply.

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