Panruti, Tamilnadu



Asils are fighting cocks and often fight until death. The hens are also aggressive. They are excellent sitters but poor layers. On an average they lay just anywhere between 6 to 40 eggs a year.


Giriraja Chicken is an ancient breed, revived by Indian Scientists. Giriraja hens lay a large number of eggs around 130-150 per year with around 85% hatchability.


Kadaknath is native to the state of Madhya Pradesh popular among the tribes. The flesh and internal organs are black in color and is the only black meat chicken breed in India.


Siruvidai Chicken is native to Tamilnadu as reference to the breed has been obtained from stone carvings. Siruvidai is considered to be the breed inscribed in the Spade of Lord Muruga.

Vanaraja Chicken

Vanaraja is a breed native to Andhra Pradesh developed by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Hyderabad. Vanaraja chicken can be reared in the backyard with minimal supplementation as they breed on scavenged food.

Gramapriya Chicken

Gramapriya is a cross-breed developed for backyard rearing. The white variety is a good egg producer, while the colored one is for egg and meat. Gramapriya hatches about 225 eggs within 72 weeks.


Rearing country chicks and chicken as part of the integrated farming system can help farmers earn a static income. As the chicks grow by feeding on the kitchen waste, insects and worms, they also serve as a source of fertilizer for increased yield. Moreover, country chicken rearing can be integrated with fish. By this, water and landmass is fully used. The birds grew in the bank of pond, will serve as fertilizer machine and enriches pond’s nutrient status and increase the yield. Integrated farming system generates employment opportunity with reduction in cost.


Country chicken rearing obviates the need for fodder. Intensive country chicken rearing follow a balanced feed and the chickens are generally more resistant to diseases in their natural habitat.


Country Egg is a rich source of protein. Unlike White leghorn egg, the outer shell and yolk inside are found in brownish/dark yellowish color. Country eggs are tastier than their white counterparts.